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The Gourmet is one health conscious foodie who is always on the lookout for some healthy gobble. Guess who was excited when we came across this cute little place called Café JIWA  nestled beside ‘The Den’ at Bandra West. Centered on the concept of healthy Roti wraps, the Gourmand and the Gourmet decided to give this place a visit.

photo 1

It is a tiny place with a seating of  about 5-6 people inside and some chairs outside. Minimalistic and simple decor with an obvious love for wood which shines through. The walls have racks with their signature JIWA attas on display. The wraps are made in an open counter for us to see.

photo 2photo 5

The fascinating thing about JIWA is the transparency it offers about its wraps and the preparations that involve in making these healthy. Nothing  here is kept under ‘wraps’. You are given a  sheet which consists of the different types of…

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Valentine Stories

Valentine Stories

“I can’t understand people who don’t like chocolate. I was once going out with a
guy, this guy Robert I was telling you about, and I was never really
comfortable with him, but I couldn’t work out why. Then one day it all became
clear: he didn’t like chocolate. I mean he didn’t just not love it, this guy
actually hated it. You could have put a bar in front of him and he wouldn’t
have touched it. That kind of thinking is so far removed from anything I can
relate to, you know. Well, after that, you can imagine, it was clear we had to
break up.”
― Alain de Botton
Make sure u love Chocolate!